How to create “Presence” -Don’t give away moments and leave them better than you got them

September 18, 2018

Be present, what an amazingly simple tool for life that will transcend every idea about where our energy should go and the timing as to when. The problem that I began to see was how do I continue to action this concept in every moment, what were the process, factors, and thoughts associated with “Being Present.” What was the habit that that was sub-consciously doing in the majority of the moments in life? The mantra that has become a big part of the meditation every morning, well the hour-long bubble bath that I have convinced myself is “meditation,” has become… “Leave every moment better than you got it.”

The most significant contributors that prevent presence is past and future so why is presence so substantial and what’s wrong with living in those others spaces? Time is the answer, we know that the construct of time is infinite, what we fail to realize is that the time you possess is finite. As soon as we start to realize that moments are time we can begin to wrap our brains around the idea that one day they will end. Yup, those moments will end, and you WILL die. This is so important, living in those other areas will only cost us time with the collective action that we all do… worry. We begin to give away moments with dwelling on what has already happened and what you’re trying to predict.

Always Create Honesty First

There are those of us that need to have some self-reflection and start creating some brutal honesty and ask “where do I live,” am I living in the past or the future. Stop giving away moments or at least minimize how many you give away, giving away too many is directly associated with where your spending your thoughts and energy(where am I losing them). This essential step because it will start to shape what tools and conversations within your head YOU need to have to start living in the present. Its inevitable to spend time in both areas, we all have past experiences that we have run away from or not acknowledged, and we also have areas where we are trying to predict what is going to happen and trying to implement plans to prevent these predictions.

Living in the Past

The past is a place that we time travel to more times than not looking for two things, answers and attention (external and internal, normally pitty). The experiences associated with past can be positive and negative experiences, this is for you to decide but need to consider that there is ALWAYS positive things in every situation. First things first we need to identify how this is affecting my current state, am I associating with something negative or positive out of whatever is consuming my time, today is about acknowledging. As negative past occurs in our life, we often visit the thoughts of why me, I don’t deserve this, etc…, carrying this wonder gets nothing typically, instead ask yourself “why did that happen and what was it meant to teach me,” answer the question for yourself and let go. I mention positive past because it’s not normally associated with living in the past. An example of this would be “I just want things back to the way they used to be”, this idea that things used to be so good(positive memory) in comparison to my current state and “wishing” that it would just come back. Sad news here its never fucking coming back, EVER. You need to understand that the past will never be recreated or replicated, it can only provide lessons and is synonymous with negative or positive experiences. The key is exploring what lesson you are meant to learn regardless of its root.

Living in the Future

The future to me is exceptionally fascinating because it really breaks down to the fact that you are trying to predict the future. Let that sink in for a moment… yeah, it sounds crazy to think that you can see into the future. Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t recognize that based on our past experiences that we can have some insight as to what to expect as situation present themselves, let us not mistake this with thinking that we can’t have insight as to the outcome. You can “predict” some of the emotions that can be associated with specific results and begin to set yourself up to prepared for those feelings. The more you face those feelings, the more they become tools for you to use in dealing with them when they arise, but thinking that you can put plans into action and predict the outcomes is insanity, nothing ever goes exactly as you expect. The thing with the future that gets most people is that they let it consume their every thought worrying about the outcome that they are holding. The directly ties to the idea that you are giving away time with spending your thoughts and energy into something that hasn’t even come to fruition yet. Think of this hard truth… your losing currents moments trying to predict how good or bad the future can be.

Now that we have acknowledged

We have discussed the idea that we lose time and the thought of losing moments because we live in the past and the future always. I know what your thinking, “How do we have a plan if we don’t look at our future and how do we deal with our pasts if we don’t look at the past,” you said it right there… look. I like to think of it this way, Ill vacation and visit with balance(individual dependant) and never set up shop there, I never live there, and it’s not a home. The more time you spend in those areas the more time you will lose in your current being, this is a necessary evil, and we have to visit and explore both of those areas. The goal is to live present in the majority of the time and not the opposite. Remember the next time that you fight with your partner, friend, kids, etc. and think of the time that it takes for all of you to come to terms with whatever it was, the past of the argument will cost you nothing but time and steal potential moments and experiences with those relationships. Think of the times that you over analyzed and over thought a plan at work and it took you a week trying to predict the outcome and realizing that you went with your original plan, think of all the moments and experiences lost at work. Spend too much time (living) in the past or future, and you WILL lose a lifetime. Start to triage your thoughts and energy and where they live, and in return, you can start to leave every moment better than you got them.

Leander, TX

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