The Be Your Elite Podcast Episode 9 “Strength”

October 26, 2018

Episode 9 on The Be Your Elite Podcast Dave goes solo with his journal thoughts from the week and elaborates on “Fear is the scapegoat to PROVE your weaknesses” and why he believes there to be more strength that we believe to be within ourselves. He also shares how he is in a “partnership” with life and how he has created expectations of what life is here for, it’s not his adversary, it’s his teacher.

Leander, TX

Hi, my name is Dave Hall, and I cannot express enough gratitude that you are here to see my journey through this beautiful life! Here you will find my heart, my complete and absolute vulnerable soul poured into my writing, videos, and podcast. This is my life in the raw, every creative process, every success & failure, every philosophical debate & idea, and every emotion as I experience them. Be kind with my heart, for I will be giving it to you for you to do what you will with it. Throughout this journey, there will be three common themes throughout; Purpose, Growth, Fitness for I see these as the cornerstones of life and if you set them on a bed of HONESTY this philosophy will bring peace to your life. Be Unconventional. Be Conscious. Be Your Elite

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