My Story

The Life of a Special Forces Green Beret

is one that is unconventional in every sense of the term. Dave has created a life deep-rooted in the service of one of the military’s most elite units. Traveling to fight and teach on almost every continent and over 15 countries with other elite units across the world, his observations and personal connection to his mindset have given him clear insight of the foundations of life that are essential in finding peace across various landscapes. The emotional, physical, and mental demands to thrive in such a stressful environment all while maintaining his family, his businesses, and himself. Dave has now created a space to share that wisdom and the philosophies that have allowed him to continue to overcome the most hostile war zones both literally and figuratively.

I’m in love with the above photo because of the story that got us to that moment and the importance of the peace that is present between the two of us…an impossible task. This photo was taken weeks after the darkest moments of my life: infidelity of my wife, the crumbling of my business, foreclosing on my homes, the filing of bankruptcy, disconnection with my kids, and my attempted suicide. These moments brought to a culmination the lessons that I have seen throughout my life but was not yet prepared to receive, and that awakening gave me the tools I would need to survive in such a desperate time. Before this, I was just subconsciously living life the way that got me to where I was through my service within the Special Forces but not precisely recognizing the systems within myself that I was using daily to continue to move forward. Recognizing these systems and healing through the worst moments of my life led me to tell my story and share my perspective & philosophies so that others might reach peace and happiness in their life. This site intends to provide a library of tools to enable you to lay your own foundation and cornerstones and to allow you to look inward to create your own elite life.

Let me back up just a touch to give a bigger picture of who I am. Just months before this photo I had what most would say was the “Perfect Life,” not only in perception but action. Leading up to discovering about my wife’s affair I would describe my life in three areas; Family, Business, and Military—all overlapping as my purpose in life. I’m married to the most amazing woman on the planet, and we’re coming up on 18-years of marriage that gave me the two most wonderfully creative, independent children. I was an owner and founder of OS Fitness (Gyms) and Art of Hall (Tattoo studio), both successful growing businesses. And last but not least, I have a 16-year military career (still currently serving) in the U.S. Army Special Forces as a Master Sergeant (18Z).

In one moment, all of those dark situations I mentioned above were set in motion by two of the closest individuals in my life who crossed all areas of my life. The affair partner happened to be one of my best friends, my business partner, and my Special Forces teammate. Their relationship spanned four years and impacted my home, my businesses, and my military career. I now see this as a gift that has afforded me the opportunity to share some of the lessons that have allowed me to accomplish so much as well as how I discovered resilience in the face of devastation. Everything that I loved so dearly was (in my head) destroyed and in the same breath breaking me beyond what I thought was repairable.

How do you find the strength to live again after attempting suicide? How do you forgive such all-encompassing betrayal? What were the steps that you took to find peace? How do you see this as a gift? For me, the simple answers to all these questions lie in understanding the relationship that I have with my wife post discovery and how my life has been altered for the better. These uncontrollable situations all gave me the insight to see the experiences and wisdom I’ve gained through taking an unconventional path in life. That rocky path gave me the tools to lean on. These instruments that I had been collecting through my entire life, by always moving towards fear, led me to marry young and starting a family, starting my own businesses, and pursuing the Special Forces.

This unconventional journey has been paved by going against what “should” be done and what is conventional to achieve happiness and success. Without looking at that journey and understanding what gave me the mental and physical strength to accomplish these incredible accomplishments, I would never have been able to recognize what those accomplishments gave me in return. Without that understanding, I might not be here talking to you today.

Those tools and foundations through creating purpose, being a student, and doing Fitness had always been there guiding me to live my elite life and not until after my survival did I realize that it was giving me everything I needed to look inward to create growth and never become complacent. The suffering only amplified what I had been living as truths but lost sight of in such tragedy and pain. As I battled to process how I could survive the pain and fought to live again, I kept seeing the truths as I found peace and transcended those cornerstones into something higher. Part of my purpose now is to become a storyteller of the lessons or a teacher if you will so I can show you the beauty of an unconventional life and help give you an understanding or change your perspective that there is no right way no “real conventional” method in which to live your life. I hope that I can share the beauty that is my life and give you that same gift that is “My Story.”

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Dave works with those that are looking to take an unconventional approach to living their elite life. Whether those are businesses looking for speaking engagements or individuals looking for a coach in life he looks forward and grateful for the opportunity to hear your story!