Broke and Lost- Do you use this victim language?

November 12, 2018

Broke and lost are two terms that I think need to be discussed a little deeper and how frequent they are used together in what I believe to be “victim Language.” Just the sound of them makes me cringe with such a negative connotation when they are being referred to as a self-explanation of a moment in someone’s journey. I see these two words used a lot in people that are trying to make some changes in their life and wanting to move in another direction and this language (or these two words) are the justification for the bullshit that they are refusing to deal with. Part of that bullshit is accepting and embracing that “you are who you are because of you,” the statements “I’m lost” and “I’m Broke” is the language used to escape the reality. I only made those decisions and accepted my circumstances because IM LOST and BROKE, the ownership is now put on an illusion instead of acknowledging that you got yourself here.

We are all lost

Lost; unable to find one’s way; not knowing one’s whereabouts. Do you actually think that based on that definition that I could say without a shadow of a doubt that my “way” in life is that way and my “whereabouts” are right here… This is something that I have been considering very heavily as of late is the fact that we are all lost. Yup, that’s right none of us actually know where we are in life. The notion that at any given moment in my journey that I could somehow put my finger on the map of life and say “I’m right here” and if I keep this azimuth up “I’ll be right here in 10 years” is ludicrous, to say the least, it’s arrogant. What I see as a result of this is people that are using the word “lost” as an explanation for their behavior is just not widening their view and realizing that that is not exclusive nor is it a valid excuse for behavior. It also leads to a lot of anxiety for those that believe there is a way to know exactly where they are in their journey at all times. This is just an unrealistic expectation that will inevitably set you up for disappointment and frustration in your endless search to “become unlost” (if that’s a thing). Just consider that everyone is lost as fuck and the ones that seem to have peace or have given you the perception that they have everything figured out are individuals that have acknowledged they don’t know where they are and have no fucking clue where they are going. They have fully embraced that moving on a path of growth is the way and that knowing where you are in that as a measurement is just an illusion. Think of it like this, did I know five years ago that I would be writing this? If I wasn’t by definition lost five years ago I would have been able to tell you exactly what I would be feeling, thinking, doing at this very moment five years ago…

Broke does not exist

Funny thing about humans is that sometimes we fail to realize the trillions/ infinite factors that make us what we are right now. We also have a weird idea that humans are X out of a mold and that there is a standard for how a human should function. Its like we look at ourselves as robots and when we feel, see, believe something within ourselves that doesn’t look like that perception that we are somehow “broke.” Well, I’m here to tell you that you are not broke and there is nothing to fix. You are not a robot; you are a beautiful human with a story that has shaped you who you are today. Your past is the building blocks of who you are, and that’s exactly how its supposed to be, you are the best that you can be in this moment. Just because you want something different for yourself or you want to see a change in the certain aspect of your life does not equate to “broken.”Maybe you just want to take a different path in this season of life to find growth. Wanting to make change is not fixing something within yourself and labeling broken relationships, broken decision, etc. is just failing to realize that they are just misaligned. Do not look at these misalignments as a definition for your soul.

At the end of the day, you need always to ask yourself “is this self-serving?” Are the languages in your head and the way you are labeling aspects of your life actually bringing value and serving you in your best interest? Changing the perspective around the labels can change them instantly to serve your soul for the better. That fucking victim language is just more of your excuses that are preventing you from walking a different path than you currently are. It’s your choice, it’s ALWAYS your choice, and in this case, you are choosing those labels. I’ve never been broke, I just needed more consciousness as to what I was feeding, and I’ve always been lost, I just never stopped moving.

Leander, TX

Hi, my name is Dave Hall, and I cannot express enough gratitude that you are here to see my journey through this beautiful life! Here you will find my heart, my complete and absolute vulnerable soul poured into my writing, videos, and podcast. This is my life in the raw, every creative process, every success & failure, every philosophical debate & idea, and every emotion as I experience them. Be kind with my heart, for I will be giving it to you for you to do what you will with it. Throughout this journey, there will be three common themes throughout; Purpose, Growth, Fitness for I see these as the cornerstones of life and if you set them on a bed of HONESTY this philosophy will bring peace to your life. Be Unconventional. Be Conscious. Be Your Elite

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